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Collaboration and Mediation

The pain of divorce and separation can be exacerbated by the hostility and tremendous expense of going to trial.  Most experienced family lawyers can assess your case quickly and provide a reasonable forecast of what a judge might rule in a trial and that is after you’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars in legal costs, not to mention the emotional toll. At Murray Law we work towards a resolution using peaceful, alternative dispute resolution processes to avoid that stress and cost.

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Beth Murray

My typical clients are high net-worth individuals who come to me to help them navigate the legal and the difficult relationship issues that confront them as their marriage ends.  Although a marriage involves two people, my client is an individual who deserves a fresh perspective which will serve their interests.  Being creative, competent and compassionate is important, but each family is different and has their own unique interests, goals, and needs. Of course the children involved in a divorce require particular attention and sensitivity. 

Issues involving the division of assets requires an eye for detail as well as competence.  Marriages with family businesses or where one or both spouses have high-salary jobs can involve complex issues, executive compensation packages with stock options, deferred compensation, “golden handcuff” provisions and retirement plans, all of which require experience and understanding.

Mike Murray

I’ve had the great benefit of serving as legal counsel to small, family-owned businesses up to multi-billion dollar global companies.  Moreover, my experience in business led me to be the CEO of a $5b company with 100,000 employees.  This combination of legal and business experience has given me both a deep and broad experience which I bring to my clients in their time of need.  Whether reviewing a contract, forming a new business, assisting with a sale, merger or acquisition, helping negotiate a deal, or helping provide perspective on a conflict or lawsuit impacting the business, I believe my experience can help deliver a unique insight and navigate the best course for resolving issues and closing out deals.  This background also helps me support Beth’s family law practice when business issues are involved in a divorce.   Like Beth, when I see conflict and an emerging or existing lawsuit, my years of experience tells me that finding a solution through negotiation, collaboration or mediation is most often the best way forward.

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