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Beth Murray

Mike Murray

I’ve had the great benefit of serving as legal counsel to small, family-owned businesses up to multi-billion dollar global companies. Moreover, my experience in business led me to be the CEO of a $5b company with 100,000 employees. This combination of legal and business experience has given me both a deep and broad experience which I bring to my clients in their time of need. Whether reviewing a contract, forming a new business, assisting with a sale, merger or acquisition, helping negotiate a deal, or helping provide perspective on a conflict or lawsuit impacting the business, I believe my experience can help deliver a unique insight and navigate the best course for resolving issues and closing out deals. This background also helps me support Beth’s family law practice when business issues are involved in a divorce. Like Beth, when I see conflict and an emerging or existing lawsuit, my years of experience tells me that finding a solution through negotiation, collaboration or mediation is most often the best way forward.

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